Payments, Scholarships and Discounts

Payments can be made in full or in installments; according to the study and payment plan already established. Make your full or partial payments at:

The Scholarship is a voluntary economic support that is applied to the ordinary value of the tuition for a determined academic period, in favor of an applicant or student, in order to contribute to the development of their studies, after meeting certain requirements. A scholarship can be total or partial, depending on each specific situation.

A Discount is the voluntary reduction of a specific percentage in the tuition value in favor of a student. Discounts are given due to the ties that each student has with the Christian community anywhere in the world.

Institutional agreements

TS University has institutional agreements with other organizations and companies around the world through which a student can access different types of discounts to carry out their studies.

Ask the Management of your Christian and/or educational organization if they already have an “institutional agreement” with us, or you can suggest that they make one for the benefit of all its members/students.