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How long does it take to graduate?

This is the most repeated question that our future students ask us. The degrees, both the bachelor’s degree and the doctorate are each divided into 26 lessons, not very long or prolonged, each lesson has between 1 to 5 pages of a letter-size text, and at the end of each lesson there are an average of 8 to 14 evaluating questions. When I say “average”, I mean that some lessons have more than 10 assessment questions and others less than 10. It’s not really complicated at all, but it does require you to pay close attention to each lesson.

It takes about an hour to review each lesson, and another hour or two to answer each test. There is no impediment for each student to advance in the time they have available. If you could cover two lessons a day, then you could finish a degree in just 13 days of study. This would be clearly, at the maximum speed possible.

Now, if you take a daily lesson and take the exams on the same day, which is recommended, you could finish your degree in just 26 days. But, if you take a lesson every week, that would add up to 26 weeks of study, and even then, that’s not a long time, 26 weeks fly by.

If you want to slow down even more, maybe you can take a lesson every two weeks, then it would take you 52 weeks, (1 year), to finish your degree.

Now, if you want to go even slower, you have up to 104 weeks, that’s the equivalent of 2 years, to finish your degree. If you do not do it in that time, you will lose your right to examination and evaluation, and you will have to repeat your race from the beginning.

You will have up to 3 opportunities to pass each assessment exam. The questions on each test are drawn from the very lesson you are learning and a score of at least 70% is required to pass a test. There are no questions out of context. In fact, they are not difficult questions. If at any time you do not pass an exam in 3 attempts, you will lose the right of examination and evaluation, and you will have to repeat your race from the beginning.

To re-start a career, you must make the full payment of the course again and repeat all the lessons and exams of each lesson one by one.

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