How long does it take to graduate?

This is the most repeated question that our future students ask us. The degrees, both the bachelor’s degree and the doctorate are each divided into 26 lessons, not very long or prolonged, each lesson has between 1 to 5 pages of a letter-size text, and at the end of each lesson there are an average […]

What is Systematic Theology for?

Systematic theology allows you to organize your thoughts to present your faith in a coherent way while allowing you to perceive current events by comparing them with the events narrated in the different books of the Bible. That is to say, the individual questions himself about the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures in both the […]

What is Systematic Theology?

Theology is the discipline that studies the nature of God and his attributes, as well as the knowledge that human beings have about divinity. The word theology is of Greek origin θεος or theos which means “god” and λογος or logos which expresses “study” or “reasoning”. Consequently, theology means the study of god and the […]

Hello world!

You can reside anywhere in the world Our Theological Study courses are online only; via web pages, audio files, or by correspondence. We offer audio courses for the visually impaired (blind).  The registration process is already activated and you can now register and choose and study your courses normally. The courses and their respective classes […]