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Bachelor of Systematic Theology

The Bachelor degree in Systematic Theology is accredited by Ministries Of Mercy and the TS University (Theological Studies University) under its own study plan, curriculum, merits, and competencies.

Systematic Theology is a discipline whose purpose is to formulate a coherent, orderly and rational presentation of faith and beliefs, inherent to a system of theological thought that is developed with a method that can be applied both in general and in the particular.

While Systematic Theology must take into account the sacred texts of your faith, it must also look at history, philosophy, science, logic, and ethics.

Classically, at this stage of Systematic Theology studies you will learn:

  • The Doctrine of God and the Word of God,
  • The Doctrine of Man,
  • The Doctrine of Christ,
  • The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit,
  • The Doctrine of Redemption,
  • The Doctrine of the Church, and
  • The Doctrine of Eschatology.
  • Requirements

The student must be over 18 years of age, must present a copy/photo of 2 IDs (side by side), and must have finished their grammar and elementary studies in any country in the world.


The regular cost of this course is $3995.00

If the student manages to prove that he is actively participating in a christian community anywhere in the world or that he is a low-income student, he can apply for a “scholarship” or a “discount”. For more information, call: +1-713-714-7852 or write to:


Make your payment or partial payment to:

Payment plans

The student can make his payment in cash or can make “partial payments” subject to a payment and study plan between 2 to 24 monthly payments of his choice. There are additional charges for deferred payments.

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