TS University (Theological Studies University) is a “non-credited school” for adults seeking a continuous self education on Systematic Theology. This is another ministry of Ministries Of Mercy, a charitable, not-for-profit (non-profit) organization based in Houston, Texas in the United State of America, (USA).

TS University (Theological Studies University) offers you the opportunity to study “Systematic Theology” from the tranquility of your home or office to acquire your Bachelor’s and/or Doctorate degree in Systematic Theology.

Study through our online courses, or by correspondence, or by audio lessons. Our courses are accredited by the Christian Ministry known as TS University (Theological Studies University), belonging to Ministries Of Mercy, a non-profit entity established in the United States of North America.

Classes are not group but individual. You can start any day of the year, progress at your own pace, and graduate at your own speed. The minimum study time is 8 weeks, and the maximum time to complete a course is 104 weeks. Curses are divided into 26 lessons each, with their respective tests/advance exams.

The minimum score to pass a test is 70/100 or 7/10, with a maximum of 3 attempts for each test. The questions are very simple and are taken from the very context of each lesson.

For more information write to: support@tsunivetsity.org or call in the US at:

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